Senior Eye Exam

As we grow older, our bodies undergo changes. During our elder years, there is regression in some of our abilities. One of these abilities is our vision. As changes in our vision occur, we need to adjust to them and take the necessary steps to prevent vision conditions from worsening. This is why it is very important to have a senior eye exam in Calgary,to help maintain eyesight and promote good ocular health.

Changes in Vision

Changes in vision varies among individuals. Some experience it sooner and some people enjoy fairly good eyesight even in their elderly years. As we age, certain ocular issues can occur, which include symptoms such as needing more light while doing tasks, less distinction between shades of color, and reduced tear production.There are other common eye conditions associated with old age which includes ocular hypertension which sometimes lead to glaucoma, macular degeneration, or the decrease in the ability to see color and fine details, and cataract.


No one can stop the aging process, but there are several ways to age gracefully and to maintain good eyesight and overall body health. Living an active lifestyle is one of them. Limiting your time in front of a computer screen, TV or smartphone, and opting for going outdoors instead. This is a good way to keep both your eyes and bodies healthy. Wearing prescription and protective glasses or contact lenses is also a good way to lessen eye stress and prevent them from becoming dry or getting infected. Avoiding alcohol and smoking also aids in good eye health and overall wellness.

Vitamin A is known to aid in keeping eyes healthy, so having vitamin A supplements or eating food rich in vitamin A such as carrots and pumpkin keeps the eyes healthy. Fatty omega-3 acids also aid in providing good eye health and also relieves symptoms of dry eyes. Omega-3 acids are found in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna or from some herbs such as flaxseed and palm.

Treatment and Maintenance

Aside from living healthy, an annual comprehensive eye exam is also important to determine the changes in vision and the necessary treatmentneeded to maintain everyday eye function. Proper adjustments can be applied to prescription glasses and contact lenses based on eye exam results. A senior eye exam in Calgarycan also detect some of the eye ailments commonly associated with old age. Necessary treatment can be provided to minimize symptoms and improve eye condition.

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