Contact Lenses

Do you keep on losing your glasses? Do you feel bothered by the presence of a frame around your eyes and temple? Do you participate in activities that involve a considerable amount of physical contact? If so, then having Calgary contact lenses is your best option.

What Are Contact Lenses?

A Contact lens is a thin piece of material that is placed directly on top of the surface of your eye. The most common purpose of wearing contact lenses is to improve vision. Compared to glasses, contact lenses provide more flexibility, functionality and better all-around vision. For example, contact lenses do not collect moisture on high humidity environments like glasses do. Contact lenses also enhance peripheral vision, which is beneficial to those that have higher prescription, as they would not have to turn their neck just to see everything around them clearly. Contact lenses are also advisable for people involved with contact sports or physical activities.

Getting Contact Lenses

Getting contact lenses in Calgary is easy. At your appointment with the optometrist, you will have to undergo a thorough assessment which might include a comprehensive eye exam. This evaluation will determine whether contact lenses are recommended for you, and what kind of contact lenses best fit your lifestyle. Measurements will be made, such as the curvature of the cornea, the size of the pupil and iris, the assessment of your tear film, and of course, the fit and vision of the lenses.

After all of these tests have been done, you will be presented with options such as daily disposable lenses, overnight wear lenses, bifocal or multi focal lenses, lenses or contact lenses re-fills in Calgary. You can also state your preference and inform the doctor of your daily activities that require much eye participation. This helps aid the doctor in providing the type of contact lenses best suited for you.

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