Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Vision and Eye Assessment

Our eyes are one of the most important parts of our bodies, making it necessary to take ocular care precautions. Having our eyes checked regularly is more than just a means to know if we need to wear glasses and spend less time in front of TV screens and computer monitors. Through a Calgary comprehensive eye exam, your optometrist is able to see if your eyes are at risk of developing eye diseases and other conditions. Without the exam you may not know about these symptoms until it is too late. Another reason why we should have a comprehensive eye exam is due to eye health being a major indicator of the body’s overall health and well-being. Medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes can be detected through the eyes. The good thing is that a comprehensive eye exam is covered by Alberta Health Care for children up to 18 years old and seniors from 65 years old and up.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

When you have a complete eye exam in Calgary, the first part will include checking your medical history and previous information on your eye health. This includes any issues that might have occurred in the past and your overall health. You would also be asked about your daily eye usage and how much eye activity is required with your work and home life. Then, your vision will be measured with and without your glasses or contact lenses. The movement of your eyes use will beassessed in the exam. Your peripheral vision will be measured as well as the pressure inside your eyes. Your eyes will be thoroughly examined and a photo of the back of your eyes will be taken. Through these means of assessment, proper recommendations for improvement and maintenance of your eyes and vision can be provided.

Eye See Eye Learn Program

The Eye See Eye Learn (ESEL) program is created by the Alberta Association of Optometrists to ensure that every child has the opportunity to have their eyes checked and treat any eye condition that affects their learning. A considerable percentage of children entering first grade have undiagnosed eye conditions. Through the ESEL program, Kindergarten students are encouraged to have their vision checked, which is covered by Alberta Health Care. The program provides prescription glasses to children that is assessed to need a pair for no extra cost. Visit a participating Calgary Optometristto have your kid’s vision assessed through the ESEL program.

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