Baby’s First Eye Exam

Baby’s Eyes and First Eye Exam

Our vision and abilityto recognize images develops as we grow older. At birth, the only thing a baby can see are blotches of black and white. This will be the case until they are four months old, and thereafter the baby will start to recognize colours and have more focused vision. At six months, a baby will be able to control eye movement and develop hand-eye coordination. Along with simple stimulation exercises like handling basic shapes and playing peek-a-boo. Ababy eye exam in Calgary will aid in the further development of a baby’s sense of sight.

The First Visit to the Optometrist

The recommended time for a baby’s first visit to the optometrist is between six to nine months of age.At this age, an optometrist will be able to determine the presence of any eye condition and necessary treatment. Aside from checking if the eyes are aligned, coordinated, and focused, the eye test will also be able to tell if there are symptoms of astigmatism, near-sightedness or far-sightedness. There are also other more serious conditions that can be detected through the eye test and if treated early, can still be corrected and reversed.

At age 1, a baby should be able to see and recognize things clearly. They should be able to react to the things they are seeing and are able to focus using both eyes. Eye development should continue until age 3, allowing them to efficiently use his eyes to interact with their surroundings, which includes people.

The Second Visit to the Optometrist

The second visit should happen at age 3, during whichthe presence of any condition or abnormality, like cross-eye and lazy eye,can be detected, and if present, treated.At age 4 and 5, their eyes should be prepared for learning, especially recognizing letters and numbers.

The Third Visit to the Optometrist

This should occur before a child’s first day of school. This is to ensure that their eyes are ready for learning and to confirm the absence of any issues that might hinder theirability to absorb information.

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